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Brain Techno is IT Solutions agency is versalite and dynamically 360 Digital Marketing Agency that doesn’t depend on smoke and mirrors to attract new customers. Brain Techno is having its own search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and brand marketing skills to get more customers to the website. As we already told you that we are a dynamic company, that’s why we are limitless for a specific industries.

We are having experienced professionals to provide you with digital marketing services for all over social platforms and search engine.

Like many of the agencies rely on the same kind of process for different agencies, but we are different because first we analyze your business projects and then create essential strategies for your website regarding SEO and marketing.

We Brain Techno works with you to produce customized brand marketing service needs for your specific business. We will be your marketing partner who understands your market & goals, rather than just an agency who works with a strategy but executes blindly.

Like as many other agencies are looking for just to close sales and then they fail during execution, But instead of that Brain Techno always keeps focusing on results and to betterment of clients relationships.

We are always trying to deliver an exact output, not fake promises, ensuring that we maximize your budget to get you the sufficient returns on investment (ROI).

Why is Digital Marketing required for Business Growth?

Digital Marketing has become a very essential part for businesses in today’s digital world, Digital marketing is nothing, but just an online marketing version of traditional marketing.Here are some several reasons, why Digital marketing or Online Marketing is essential:

Global Reach: Digital marketing allows businesses to reach their audiences globally. It is the easiest way to connect your organizations with your loving customers that will help you to get feedback for your products and services directly for better enhancement. And Due to the process of online marketing or you can say digital marketing, that helps to expand yours any kind of businesses without any geographical boundaries.

Cost Effective: While comparing your traditional way of marketing with online digital marketing method is more cost effective and efficient. Online Marketing, Social media promotions, Ad Campaigns, is set to be at different budget levels, that makes it more affordable for any business sizes.

Targeted Advertising: Digital marketing gives you a feature that enables you personalized targeting for your categorized business. By which the business can get an exact details or specific statistics, interest and behaviors of your targeted audiences. Which assures businesses that their marketing efforts are good enough towards their relevant audiences, to increase the chances of engagements and lead conversions.

Measurable Results: The most important advantages of using digital marketing for their business is that it helps to measure and analyze results in real time. Business owners can track website's traffic , social media engagements, conversion rates and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator), which allows you to data driven decision making for continuity of online marketing process.

Customer’s Interaction: Digital Marketing is the one of the easiest ways to communicate directly with your customers without any barriers. Social Media Platforms, E-mail marketing for follow-up process, Website’s Chatbots features, gathered feedbacks, are direct way to make relations with the customers.

Increased in Conversions: There are multiple strategies for getting conversion leads, like SEO (A Search Engine Optimization), Content Marketing, Social media marketing and Email Campaign that are responsible for getting targeted traffic and audiences. These strategic techniques can generate higher conversion rate , whether it is making a purchase, filling out a form, or subscribing a newsletter.

Brand Building: Online platform provides abundant opportunities to build brand. Though consistent messaging, positive online presence, and engaging content, can strengthen

Types of Digital Marketing for Business growth-

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : SEO, or Search Engine Optimization , is a set of practices aimed at optimizing a website to improve its visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The primary goal of SEO is to increase organic (non-paid) traffic to a website by enhancing its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO is a holistic approach to making a website more accessible, relevant, and attractive to both users and search engines. A well-executed SEO strategy can lead to improved visibility, increased traffic, and better overall online presence for a website.

On Page SEO Checklist :

  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • URL Structure
  • Header Tags
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Page Load Speed
  • User Experience
  • Social Integration
  • Page Authority
  • Page Title
  • Meta Title & Description

SMO (Social Media Optimization):

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. It is a set of strategies and techniques aimed at optimizing a brand's presence on social media platforms to increase its visibility and engagement. The primary goal of SMO is to enhance a brand's online reputation, connect with the target audience, and leverage social media channels for business growth. Social Media Optimization is a holistic approach to leveraging the power of social media platforms to enhance a brand's online presence, connect with the target audience, and drive business growth. It encompasses various techniques to optimize profiles, create engaging content, and foster a sense of community on social media.

Top Social Media Platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, Reddit.

Social Media Optimization Checklist:

  • Defining Goals
  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Choose Social Media Platforms
  • Optimizing Profiles
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Hashtags Research
  • Paid Advertising
  • Influencer’s Collaboration

PPC (Pay Per Clicks): Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. Several factors influence the success and efficiency of a PPC campaign. Regular monitoring, analysis, and adjustments based on performance metrics are essential to the success of a PPC campaign. Continuous optimization helps ensure that your ads remain effective and aligned with your marketing goals.

To conduct a PPC audit in 10 steps:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Ad Copy Quality
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Ad Extensions
  • Targeting Settings
  • Bid Strategy
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Schedule
  • Ad Placement
  • Ad Testing

Graphic Designing: Graphic designing is a creative process that involves combining visual elements, typography, images, and colors to communicate a message or convey information. It is a form of visual communication that aims to captivate, inform, and engage an audience. Graphic Designer use various tools and software to create visual content for both print and digital media. Whether creating a logo, designing a website, or developing marketing materials, graphic design plays a crucial role in shaping the visual identity and communication strategies of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Aspects of Graphic Designing:

  • Visual Communication
  • Aesthetics and Creativity
  • Typography
  • Color Theory
  • Layout and Composition
  • Branding and Identity
  • Print and Digital Media
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Software Proficiency

Email Marketing: Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending targeted messages or campaigns to a group of people via email. It is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate with their audience, nurture leads, and drive conversions. Email marketing remains a valuable and cost-effective tool for building and nurturing customer relationships. It allows businesses to deliver targeted messages directly to their audience's inbox, fostering engagement and driving desired actions.

Top Email Marketing Automation Tools:

  • MailChimp,
  • Omnisend,
  • SendinBlue,
  • Mailjet,
  • Email Octopus,
  • Brevo,..etc.

Key elements of email marketing:

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Content Creation
  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Integration with Other Channels
  • Mobile Responsiveness
Your Website FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

What are the 7 types of digital marketing services?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Boosting website visibility in search engine results (like Google) to attract organic traffic. Think climbing the SERP ladder!
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Running targeted ads on search engines and websites to reach specific audiences. Imagine placing billboards on the online highways people frequent.
Social Media Marketing (SMM): Engaging with customers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to build brand awareness and loyalty. Think of it as hosting lively online parties to attract and connect with potential guests.
Content Marketing: Creating valuable content (articles, videos, infographics) to educate and engage audiences. Think of it as serving up informative and engaging snacks to keep your online guests coming back for more.
Email Marketing: Reaching out to customers via email to nurture leads, promote sales, and build relationships. Think of it as sending out friendly invitations to keep your audience in the loop and excited about what you're up to.
Analytics and Reporting: Tracking and measuring the performance of your digital marketing campaigns to optimize results. Think of it as having a dashboard to see how your online efforts are paying off and where you can improve.
Mobile Marketing: Targeting users on their smartphones and tablets through apps, SMS, and mobile-optimized websites. Imagine setting up shop right where people spend most of their time online.
Who needs digital marketing services?
Anyone who wants their business to thrive in the online world needs digital marketing services! Whether you're a budding startup in Delhi or a seasoned entrepreneur, a top digital marketing company in Delhi can help you:
Reach new customers: Attract more leads and convert them into loyal fans through targeted online campaigns.
  • Boost brand awareness: Build a strong online presence and make your brand the go-to choice in your industry.
  • Drive sales and growth: Increase website traffic, generate leads, and ultimately boost your bottom line.
  • From the best SEO agency in Delhi to expert social media management, digital marketing services offer a powerful toolkit for success in today's digital landscape. So, why wait? Unleash the potential of your business with the power of digital marketing!
  • Is digital marketing a good job?
    • Working in a digital marketing company in Delhi can be a lucrative career choice. As the best digital marketing company in Delhi, you'll be exposed to diverse projects, honing skills in SEO and providing top-notch digital marketing services. It's an exciting field with ample opportunities for growth and success..

    Is digital marketing salary good?
    Whether digital marketing salaries are "good" depends! It's a booming field with strong growth and salaries rising steadily. Experience plays a huge role, with entry-level averaging lower than senior positions (think 2-3 lakhs to 10+ lakhs in India). Specific skills like SEO or analytics boost earning potential. Ultimately, if you're passionate and keep learning, the salary outlook is quite promising!
    What is Google Ads?
    Google Ads is an online platform where businesses pay to reach potential customers across Google's properties like search, YouTube, and websites. They create targeted ads based on keywords people search for, and only pay when someone clicks. It's like a digital billboard you place strategically online to attract the right audience.